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TaBo specializes in design,manufacture and sell high quality sealing wax,wax seal stampe,seal wax sticker,wax seal gift sets,wine seal wax, wax seal accessories and so on Our sealing wax is made from natural wax and natrual resin,no toxic no pollution,the wax seal stamp is made by rose wooden handle and brass head. personalized wax seal stamp and custom wax seal adhesive sticker is ok for us.if the quantity is big enough,custom sealing wax and wax seal sets is ok too.

We have been established a long-term stable friendly cooperation with more than 280 customers from 27 countries.We just produce and supply good quality wax seal products.
welcome to visit our factory at any time. And waiting for our long-terms and friendly cooperation.


TaBo Began Studay Seal Wax Products since 1998, we have been focus on wax seals products for 20 years,now we have more 280 clients from more than 27 country.


Custom Sealing Wax,Wax Seal Stamp, Sealing Wax Sticker, and Wax Seal Gift Sets All is ok for us.
Express, air transport and shipping by sea all is ok for us.
TT, western union and paypal all is ok for us.

Equipments Manufacturing

We have a team of 32 people specializing in the development, design, production and sales of sealing wax products, now our Sealing wax is available in 32 different colors, the Sealing Wax Stamp we have many different design, and now two tone Sealing wax stickers is ok for us. Welcome inquiry welcome to customize.

Sealing Wax Sticks & Sealing Wax Sticker

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16 Aug, 2019
How to Open a Wax-Sealed Wine Bottle?
How to Open a Wax-Sealed Wine Bottle?

The wine bottle sealing wax stems from both tradition and necessity. Before corks were used, wax was one means of sealing wine bottles for storage and shipment....Read More

12 Aug, 2019
How to make self adhesive wax seals?
How to make self adhesive wax seals?

These personalised self adhesive wax seals have a sweet rustic design.They would make a chic embellishment to any style of wedding stationery....Read More

9 Aug, 2019
RFQs about sealing wax beads
RFQs about sealing wax beads

Sealing Wax Beads are made with our signature sealing wax and have been designed for use with a sealing wax spoon. Easily melted over an open flame, these luxurious and rich sealing wax beads are the perfect way to slow down and get creative with your gift wrapping, snail mail, or DIY project!...Read More

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