How to use the sealing wax sticks?

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Confirm the cotton core of the sealing wax sticks, the length of 1CM is appropriate. Too long or too short will affect the quality. If the product is too long, it may cause the varnish to be blackened and the product will have a lot of black spots. If it is too short, it may not burn.

After the above steps are confirmed, you can operate. It is also recommended that the space be kept dry and ventilated, that the workbench be covered with newspapers, and that the workbench be large enough. That way, you can show your skills.

After igniting the sealing wax sticks with wick, the angle of the sealing wax sticks should also be noted. Generally, the sealing wax sticks is 30-60 degrees from the horizontal plane. Try not to let the flames directly smoke into the sealing wax sticks, otherwise the wax liquid that is dripped must be black. Because some buyers may be anxious, holding sealing wax sticks vertically, it is easy to make the wax liquid extinguish the flame, it is also possible to let the wax with the flame droplets on the paper, which affects safety.

Secondly, in the process of burning, the sealing wax sticks should be turned at any time to allow it to be uniformly melted by heat.

In this way, the wax paint is dripped. The color is pure, and then stamped with its own exclusive LOGO. Note that if the seal is covered, if it is difficult to pull it up, don't pull it hard. He should be allowed to cool down for a few more minutes.

Finally, the perfect product was born!

Another thing to remind everyone is that every time you use up the sealing wax stick, after blowing out, be sure to cut the ash-carrying cotton core with scissors. Avoid affecting your next use!

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