What materials are needed to play wax seal?

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Candle (fire source) + lighter + spoon (container with higher edge) + seal wax + wax seal stamp

1. There are many kinds of candles, and the price varies according to the size. Of course, if you feel that you can directly heat it with a lighter, you don’t need to buy it.

2. Candle lit

3. For spoons (containers), it is recommended to buy a large spoon with a handle. First, it will be very hot after being burned. Second, if the seal is large, it needs more sealing wax beads. If the spoon is small, it may not be able to hold the required amount. My largest seal is The diameter is 30mm, and three 8mm octagonal wax particles can basically cover one. The spoon used is a small wooden handle spoon, the size is just right for 3 capsules. The general suggestion of the store is to print a 25mm one with 3-4 grains, and a 30mm one with 5-6 grains.

4. There are octagonal, heart-shaped, five-pointed star and cylindrical strips, and cuboid strips. Some stores have sealing powder. The choice depends on personal preference. I have used the long strips in the gift box. Compared with the octagonal ones, in fact, the small ones are more convenient for color mixing, and the editor prefers the small ones. What a nice mix of colors.

5. There are so many kinds of wax seal stamp, I can't finish the description, it depends on personal preference and purpose.


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