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21 Apr, 2023
How to Make Wheat Flour
What good-looking wax seal can be used for?

Seal wax, also known as wax paper, is a very old printing technology, which began to appear in Europe and Japan as early as the 18th century, and later spread to China....Read More

10 Jan, 2023
How to Make Wheat Flour
Can Wax Seal Stamp make a custom stamp by myself?

Making a Wax Seal Stamp by yourself is full of ritual. Use the items left in the drawer to make your own Wax Seal Stamp. Let the most important people know your affection before opening the letter....Read More

30 Dec, 2022
How to Make Wheat Flour
High-end wedding details—Sea wax invitation menu can be used

Sea wax can also be called sealing wax. It was first used to seal envelopes for confidentiality. It is now a decorative item for many retro style lovers....Read More

Dec, 2022
How to Make Wheat Flour
What materials are needed to play wax seal?

There are many kinds of candles, and the price varies according to the size. Of course, if you feel that you can directly heat it with a lighter, you don’t need to buy it....Read More

Nov, 2022
How to Make Wheat Flour
Introduction to the recipe of Sealing Wax

How to make Sealing Wax? We need 60g of rosin, 20g of shellac, and 20g of artificial Venetian resin. The production method is to first put the rosin and shellfish into a magnetic disk or a copper vessel (do not use iron vessels, it is easy to make the wax deteriorate), heat it until it completely melts, slowly add artificial rosin...Read More

27 Oct, 2022
How to Make Wheat Flour
Introduction to seal wax, you only need this one!

Seal Wax Stamp was invented by American Russo in 1626. According to his experiments, he mixed different proportions of nicotine, cinnabar and shellac into wax wax, and then used a patterned metal mold to copy it on an uncooled On the fire lacquer wax, after cooling, a clear pattern design can be left. Nowadays, with the change of communication methods, the Seal Wax Stamp is gradually being used as a decoration, and the application in the handbook is more and more extensive. Today, I will summarize the beginner's guide of fire lacquer stamp for everyone!...Read More

20 Oct, 2022
How to Make Wheat Flour
How to print a gradient-colored wax seal sticker?

Different shades depend on controlling the proportion of white and colored wax particles. If you want to be lighter, put more white wax particles. When it is almost melted, use a toothpick to stir the melted wax liquid. If you want a gradient with texture, don’t put the melted wax. The liquid was stirred too evenly....Read More

11 Oct, 2022
How to Make Wheat Flour
What are the types of sealing wax?

What are the types of sealing wax? Let me introduce to you what types of sealing wax are available!...Read More

31 Aug, 2022
How to Make Wheat Flour
What to do when the chapter head is stained with seal wax?

If seal wax has been appliedundefined try to remove it with a toothpick or other fine metal needle or knife (or wait a momentundefined put it in hot water and wipe with a damp towel)....Read More

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